My Cover of “This Was My Life” by Megadeth

“This Was My Life” is a Megadeth song off of the “Countdown to Extinction” album. It’s probably the easiest song to play off of the whole album. The solo is as simple as it gets. I’ve always been a huge fan of two part guitar harmonies and Megadeth feature those harmonies on most of their songs, this one included. This is the second song I’ve recorded since I started playing guitar again. Even though this was an easy song to play I still had a difficult time recording it. I made at least 30 takes on the guitar tracks trying to get them perfect. I recorded each of the rhythm guitar tracks all the way through instead of in sections to give it more of a live feel. I think the effort was well worth it and I’m satisfied with how the final song turned out.

The drums and bass are from a midi file I downloaded somewhere off of the net. I loaded the midi file into FL Studio and made some edits to it to make it sound a little more realistic. For drums I used the EZ Drummer VSTi with the Metalheads kit. For the bass I used the NS J Bass soundfont. After rendering the bass and drums to wav files I closed out FL Studio and opened up Samplitude. Samplitude is what I used to record my guitar tracks as well as mix the song. For all of the guitar tracks I used my Crimson Swirl Jackson Dinky DK2. My guitar recording setup was very simple. My guitar was ran into a Sansamp GT2 which was plugged into an Edirol ua-4fx soundcard. On all guitar tracks I loaded the SimulAnalog Fender Twin 1969 VST which was setup to emulate my amp setup (basically just an eq). This setup saved me from having to mic my amp. I think the final result came out well but you should check it out for yourself by listening to the tracks below or downloading it. Comments are welcomed and encouraged.

Recorded With:

  • Jackson Dinky DK2
  • Sansamp GT2
  • Edirol UA-4fx
  • SimulAnalog Fender Twin 1969 VST
  • Samplitude (recorded and mixed)

Backing Track:

  • Sequenced in FL Studio
  • EzDrummer VSTi with Metalheads kit
  • NS_J_Bass soundfont

2 thoughts on “My Cover of “This Was My Life” by Megadeth

  1. Hi, nice job :) Your guitar playing skills was flawless!! Found this as I was googling for a guitar backing track for “This was my life”. Is your bacing track awiable for download somewhere? I would really like to get hold of it :)

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