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Seed Of Memory

I’d really like to work on this song some more. All of my songs have always been instrumentals but I’d really like to get a vocalist to work on this with me. I could instead record the vocal melody lines with guitar but I don’t think it would have the same impact. Who knows. Maybe.


Blast From the Past

Recorded in 2006

This is an old one. I had almost forgotten what it was like to record to a computer in the mid 2000’s. I remember saving up to get a copy of Samplitude 6. The computer I used was an HP Pavilion with an Athlon processor, I don’t remember how much memory was in it but I’m sure it wasn’t much. I was using a 17 inch CRT monitor which I thought was about a good as it could get. It’s almost comical thinking about it now but I was only 5 years into my career so I wasn’t making the greatest of salaries, I was very lucky to have the things I needed in order to create and record music.

In order to get sound into the computer I used two M-Audio Delta 2488 PCI sound cards. Into that I had a Behringer mixing board. I’m not entirely sure what I was using for the guitar signal processing. At the time I remember having a Digitech RP5 pedal so that may be the guitar processor I used. For bass I believe I had a really cheap Squire 4 string which I likely recorded direct. For the piano I used an Alesis QS6.1 synthesizer which I no longer have but miss very much. I honestly don’t have a clue at all what guitar I used. At the time I had a Charvel Super Strat but this recording doesn’t really sound like that guitar.

I distinctly remember the drums on this song. I have no idea if the guy is still around but I bought some drum loops from Beta Monkey. This was before digital downloads were popular for such things and after ordering the loops I had to wait for the CD to come in the mail. The disc came with a handwritten thank you note. Compared to now, the method of getting the loops might seem inconvenient but it was an experience that was worthwhile when I finally got the disc and I certainly got plenty of use out of the drum loops it contained.

This old demo brings back some fond memories for me and I hope you enjoy it in all it’s rough glory.