Ibanez RG470AHM Review

I’d been really wanting a new guitar that had a maple fretboard and that wasn’t a Jackson. I decided to buy an Ibanez RG470AHM which is my first guitar of this brand. The only time I’ve ever even played one was when I was a teenager and got to play my cousin’s 90s model RG through his full 5150 stack. The thing that stood out most about that guitar was the super low action that it had and the upper mid range bite.

When I got my new Ibanez in the mail I was severely disappointed in the setup it had, or the lack there of. After polishing the frets, adjusting truss rod, intonation and setting the action low I was fairly satisfied with the feel of the neck. I did have to go a step further and sand the shelf that the locking nut sat on in order to drop the nut height to a suitable level.

After setting the guitar up I’m very happy with it’s sound, looks and playability. Since it’s got a super flat fretboard radius it’s perfect for soloing. The sound is great but not as different from the Jackson’s as far as sound. The pickups seem to be fairly hot but not with the limited dynamics that my EMG81 equipped Rhoads guitar has. It’s got a different midrange bump that compliments the recorded tone of my Jackson Dinky, especially when using the Ibanez for leads.

While is quickly becoming my most played guitar I’m shocked at the amount of work, set-up I had to do to it when I first got it. I’ve never had a guitar come with frets this rough, ever. Without the fret polishing, this guitar was unusable, by anybody’s standard. If I was unable to do a complete setup myself on the guitar that would have been an unwelcomed expense of having a guitar shop to the work for me. Another downside seems to be tuning stability. The tuning is almost always flat a little bit, not by allot but enough to cause problems when double tracking guitar tracks. This is more of an annoyance rather than a problem and could very well be caused by the low tuning I use and string gauges. If you’re buying one of these from a music store you will likely not have the setup issues I had but when buying new online just know that the factory setup could very well be terrible.