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Seed Of Memory

This is a song that I’d really like to cover. I’ve got the complete idea for the song but it wouldn’t work without a singer. In my head it’s a heavier version than the original but it may come to a surprise to many that this tuning is actually the exact same that he used in the 70s. If you’ve got a raspy voice and would like to work on this song with me please get ahold of me via the contact page on here.

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Metallica’s To Live Is To Die

Recorded in 2011

To Live Is To Die (Metallica Cover) by Billy Shuler

This was the very first Metallica cover I’ve ever recorded. It’s my absolute favorite Metallica song and I feel like this has been one of the best recordings I’ve done. The recording process took a couple weeks and the mixing process took me nearly a month but I’m very proud of how well it came out.

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Metallica’s Orion

Recorded in 2012

Orion (Metallica Cover) by Billy Shuler

This is one of the first Metallica cover songs I’ve ever recorded. I’ve always been interested in the song structures of Metallica songs of this era. I really enjoy the guitar harmonies in this song while at the same time finding that it was one of the most difficult areas of the song to recreate. I did an alright job overall but I fell the harmonies feel a little flat in my version.