EP Due Sometime This Decade

I worked the last half of 2020 and first few months of 2021 on an EP of original songs. Some songs got further than others, some in the mixing phase and some I was still writing music. My youngest son was in need of some surgeries and I more or less stopped everything to see to his recovery. I’m happy to say that he has been making a wonderful recovery, at 4 years old he’s the strongest person I know. I had allot of soul-searching while he was preparing for his surgery so during that whole process I decided to enter the housing market in search of something more that what we had, some place that my kids could call home and in a safer area than we were living. It took months to finally get a house. As my son was coming out of the hospital, I signed the deed to our new home and 30 year commitment.

The basement in our new home features a nice, unfinished room that I plan on turning into my office and recording studio. Those plans have been put on hold for a while after having to buy a whole new HVAC system. At the moment I’m actively looking for a vocalist who I can work with. If you are interested then head to the contact page and send me a message.

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