Microsoft Quick Assist App Has Now Moved to the Microsoft Store

Quick Assist used to be true to it’s name. Logging into another person’s computer was as simple as having the user click on their start menu, type in Quick Assist and then open the Quick Assist app. Now that has changed. Microsoft has decided to move the app to the Microsoft Store. You may ask yourself, why would this be an issue? For starters, best-case-scnerio is that the person needing assistance will be able to perform the previously mentioned steps and then just follow the links to install the app from the Microsoft Store. Sadly, I’ve run into an issue of this download from the store requiring the end user to input a password in order to perform the download. Most users in need of remote assistance in general have a tough time following the 3 easy steps just to launch the app, when prompted for a password, most do not know it and in some cases they can’t find/remember the password at all. In my opinion, moving the app from an inbuilt tool in Windows to a downloadable app in in the Microsoft Store actually removes much of it’s usefulness.

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